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“Learn Guitar Chord”

From: David Tinney
Date: Monday, October 18
Re: Learn Guitar Chord

Dear Friend,

The only way to learn guitar chords is by seeing what they look like and then practice playing them. There are many books on the market as well as courses online that can show you which finger to put where to play a particular chord but to learn guitar chords it takes practice.

Many of the chord books on the market can help you learn guitar chords buy graphic images of the guitar strings as well as noting which finger goes on which string. You can use them to learn bar chords, which is when one of the fingers, usually the first finger, as used as a bar to hold down all of the strings on one fret while maneuvering the over three fingers to press one or two strings to form a chord.

You can also learn guitar chords known as hillbilly chords, or sometimes called folk chords which uses one finger on a string while muting un-played strings or playing them open. While this type of chord is typically played on acoustic guitars, they can be used on older guitars with a warped neck and the strings positioned high off the fret board.

Adapt Chords To Tablature

Once you learn guitar chords you can use guitar tablature, better known as sheet music, to learn to play songs. Tablature will have the melody line of the music, and sometimes the base progression, as well as the chords shown where they are to be played within the structure of the song. Often the pictures will not match the change position exactly and that is where knowing the song and practicing comes in handy.

While there may be two distinct styles of finger placement when you learn guitar chords it may be necessary sometimes to mix the two styles. Often switching between bar chords and folk chords will help make chord changes faster and more smooth. Therefore it is a good idea when you learn guitar chords to learn and practice both styles for those times when this practice is more efficient.

You can also buy sheet music for most songs, or books of music, specifically for guitar which often show the finger diagram for forming the chord. By practicing you can learn guitar chords as well as changing them on time. Playing the lead part of guitar music, sometimes known as the main melody, will take the ability to either read music or have a really good ear for music, but if you learn guitar chords you can play most songs and really impress your friends with your ability.


David Tinney


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