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“Learn Guitar Basics”

From: David Tinney
Date: Monday, October 18
Re: Learn Guitar Basics

Dear Friend,

If you have decided to take up guitar, you are probably very eager to jump right into playing beautiful songs. After, all, with all of the MTV influence out there, how could you possibly resist the idea of becoming a rock star? Well, it is important to hold off on those dreams for just a little bitóit is so important that you learn guitar basics first. If you take a lot of time to learn guitar basics, than you will be a better guitarist later on. After all, each and every famous guitarist had to learn guitar basics at some point in their career. There are many things that are included when you learn guitar basics: the chords, the scales, the fingering, but perhaps most importantly, you need to learn all of the different parts of the guitar.

The Anatomy Of A Guitar

It is very important that you learn guitar basics, and parts of these basics are the different parts of a guitar. First of all, you should know what the body of the guitar is. The guitarís body is the large wooden part of the guitar. The thin part of the guitar that is connected to the body of the guitar is called the neck. The bridge is located on the body of the guitar near the hole. The strings of the guitar begin at the bridge and end at the pegs, which is located on the head of the guitar. The head of the guitar is on the end of the neck not connected to the body. There are small metal pieces located at various intervals along the neck of the guitar. These metal pieces are called the frets. When the player presses the strings into the frets at various intervals, the strings vibrate and produce different pitches.

How To Hold The Guitar

Another aspect of guitar basics is how you hold a guitar. If you are right handed, your right hand is your strumming hand. Thus, you hold your guitar so that your right hand rests on the strings of the guitar above the hole. This means that your left hand is your picking hand, and your left hand should rest on the neck of the guitar. If you are left handed, then you should use these directions as well, only reversed. If you take the time to learn guitar basics, you will be much better prepared to become an amazing guitarist later on in your career. All it takes is a little dedication and effort, and they pay off will be huge.


David Tinney


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